Together Chicago

Together Chicago

Together Chicago

An Augmented Reality Kitchen Cabinet Design Studio

The Team: Yazmon Ector, Benjamin Heath, Karan Kwatra, Ryan Ma, Katy Lewis, Rachael Park, Mohammed Zebdi

Together Chicago s a non-profit focused on improving economic development, providing access to education, reducing violence, and mobilizing faith communities within the city of Chicago.

Our team has created an interactive web-based mapping application that displays open-sourced data of the City of Chicago in a searchable and filterable format. Data can also be analyzed and exported from the platform.

This project helps individuals and non-profits make better data-driven decisions that will provide a positive impact on the Chicago community.

System Goals

  • Allow users to easily search and compile demographic data from a query of a specific geographic area.
  • Encourage greater collaboration among nonprofits, city, and service organizations in the Chicago area.
  • Enable organizations to make better decisions regarding how best to deploy resources and services.

My roles in this project are Interaction Design, User Experience Research, and Front-End Development. This project ran from January 2018 – December 2019 as a part of the Multidisciplinary Design Program at the University of Michigan School
of Engineering.

Sketches & Ideation

Use Cases, Personas, User Flows

view use cases

Paper Prototypes & Initial Code

TC Paper Prototype
TC High Fidelity 2


TC Medium Fidelity

Medium Fidelity

Live Version

TC high fidelity

High Fidelity



Design and feature decisions will be defined based on stakeholder and user interviews.

  • 2 stakeholders, who are also system users
  • 15 minutes
  • Audio recording & notes


  • Users do not want to be shown curated data correlations.
  • Success is encouraging users to embrace unexpected conclusions.
  • Biggest perceived user issues: navigation and intimidating datasets.

User Evlauations

Usability Testing with a paper prototype

  • 5 users
  • 10-15 minutes
  • 3 tasks
  • Recordings of moderate & critical errors
  • User feedback session


  • Most critical errors happened in the search filter sidebar.
  • Testers showed confusion with default information and search capabilities.
  • Default map view should include the entire city of Chicago and the search bar should be obvious.

User Survey

Survey to gather data analysis and technical skills and habits of potential system users.

  • 49 responses
  • Non-profit leaders and CEOs


  • Technically saavy
  • Want to use data to solve business problems
  • Need better resources in their daily business process