Making Interactive Virtual Reality &
Augmented Reality Prototypes from Paper

Professor Michael Nebeling & Katy Lewis

This research explored prototyping for virtual and augmented reality applications using paper. The work shown here are my drawings and prototypes used in the research to create study requirements and test initial concepts.

Initial Concepts & Drawings

360 Mountains

360 Degree Mountain Drawing

This drawing translates to 360 degrees with three layers; a foreground, midground, and background.

360 filming

Initial concept for diarama filming

Initial test ideas for prototyping in VR.


camera orientation filter

VR Tennis

This VR prototype simulates playing tennis or racketball in a small room.

arjs soccer

ARJS Soccer

This prototype shows a game of soccer being played with ARJS markers and a 360 degree soccer field.

arjs soccer

AR News Concept

A prototype of an AR News application using a 360 degree photo grid as an artboard.


Daydream Introduction

A prototype of the Google Daydream introduction screen prototyped in paper.